Experience Foxen - Tasting Rooms

Founded by Dick Doré and Bill Wathen in 1985.
Sustainable wine-growers. Solar-powered winery.

Experience Foxen - Tasting Rooms

Tasting Rooms

foxen 7200

aka The Shack

Built in the 1860's, the original purpose of our beloved "Shack" was as a blacksmith shop for the historic Rancho Tinaquaic. In 1987 it became Dick and Bill's original tasting room, when FOXEN was open only on the weekends and Dick and Bill manned the tasting room. With the opening of our new solar-powered winery and new tasting room in 2009, we renamed this rustic building, foxen 7200, where we now focus on our Bordeaux and Italian-style wines.


Completed in 2009, our new solar-powered tasting room and winery is the embodiment of Dick and Bill's long-time dream and hard work. The new tasting room, where we showcase our Burgundian and Rhône-style wines, was built in a rustic and simple ranch-style--in keeping with the historic buildings of the Rancho Tinaquaic, which has been in Dick's family since 1837. Our new buildings are surrounded by native plants landscaping, which is maintained by a minimal amount of irrigation--helping to protect one of our most precious resources, water; and situated next to our newest estate dry-farmed vineyard block.